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Spearhead Mental Health

#SpearheadMentalHealth #DontManUpSpeakUp

In 2022, the foundation began branching out to adults aged 21 and above. Looking to help both men and women to help tackle stigma around speaking about mental health and help people with mental illness come together in a safe space and enjoy themselves.

It is no secret to know suicide rates in 2020, 2021 and no doubt 2023 all were on the rise. As a organisation seeing the rise in need for counselling and support hubs we along with our partners are able to provide educational seminars to schools, businesses and individuals about mental health along with providing counselling services and other wellness activities.

In 2020 (latest stats released), they were 6,211 suicides in the United Kingdom. They were 209 in Northern Ireland, 805 in Scotland, 285 in Wales and a horrifying 4,912 suicides in England. 

Out of the above figure, 4,639 were male and 1,572 being female. The sad fact is non of these suicides needed to happen had they been safe places, zero stigma about speaking out and everybody having a better understanding. 

The number of those suffering in the UK with mental illnesses both diagnosed and undiagnosed is estimated to be in the millions and with so little events/hubs around targeting these we feel we should step in and do something small but great to help people feel they is somewhere without a diagnosis or counselling being rammed down your throat to go. 

Here at our organisation, given our large scale military veterans and emergency services programme we know all about mental health. Our founder, suffers with PTSD and has a traumatic brain injury and has sadly lost 12 friends to suicide. We have also in the last 12 months gave 7,215 hours of counselling sessions to those suffering with mental illness too. 

We have weekly meets in both Worsley and Wythenshawe which are really relaxed coffee clubs and as the group grows we will expand in to the Trafford area. These events are held on a Wednesday and a Thursday both in the morning at 11am. 

Worsley is at Worsley Green (The Horse Box) & Wythenshawe is at Wythenshawe Community Fire Station.

These venues are picked simply because they are in a neutral place, where you can walk, talk and have a chin wag whilst being at peace knowing everyone there is battling something and want to be around people who are struggling too.

Across the year we also carry out wellbeing hikes, they aren't too strenuous but are more to get people out and active.

To get involved in any of these activities please email:


Spearhead Mental Health Group: About Us
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