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Getting support from The Spearhead Foundation.

As a foundation our access to be able to support yourselves is great and something we believe through support you can access quickly, safely and at your pace.

If it is for clinical support for veterans suffering mental illness we can support you through our partnership with NHS MVS and OP COURAGE.

If you are just looking for peer to peer support then we are able to offer this via many of our support sessions, from our online gaming sessions, coffee clubs or hikes, motorsport and veteran/emergency service specific events. 

Our wide reach and sense of community will have you feeling apart of something again, you will be in balls of laughter and most importantly you'll receive the help you need.

(If you do attend our sessions or engage in any veteran activity you may be asked to prove you have served to avoid any awkward problems further down the line).

If you want to help The Spearhead Foundation, you don't just need to donate to help. You can volunteer your time, share our posts or like us on social media - all this helps us spread the word which could result in helping someone who needs. If this is why you've come to this page then please drop us a line via the contact us point.


Peer to Peer Support Sessions

The key to breaking down stigma within the mental health community.

Veterans/Emergency Services Get Help: Get Involved
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