The Spearhead Grant Scheme.

Helping causes in our community & helping those who need it most.


What is the grant scheme?

The SF grant scheme has two forms, it has 'The Monaghan Fund' which was created in 2021 by founder Craig Monaghan & has the foundation scheme which looks after those in immediate need via emergency small grants.

Both Grant schemes are committed each year to provide funding options to projects close to the founders heart or to provide those who need the support instantly, whether that be to get emergency food shops, small course fees for jobs or travel costs.

These grants can be applied for by anybody in need or any business/support/sports club. The process for 'The Monaghan Fund' is a detailed document explaining why you need these funds/what they'll be used for/annual accounts and some visit dates. All applications will be visited and will then be taken back to the team to talk and agree before letting you know the outcome. 

Each year between both funds we aim to provide £22,000 in grants. The grant size varies from £20/£30 for emergency foods from 'The Spearhead Foundation' up to £300 max. As for 'The Monaghan Fund' funding starts at £200 and goes upwards to £5,000.

These grants are awarded throughout Spring and Autumn each year for 'The Monaghan Fund' & 'The Spearhead Foundation Grants' are adhoc as and when.

2021, Grants awarded.

£21,384.00 was awarded in 2021.

The variety of grants given out range from addiction clinics, emergency food packages to player sponsorships and course payments or sports activities but all with the same main aim 'To give 'everyone person' the same opportunity as everybody else'. This is the base line we set all our grants for and this is what we look for in inparticularly when reviewing grant applications. They is a smaller/different approach for 'The Spearhead Foundation Grant Scheme'. 

The following grants were given out to individual veterans from 'The Spearhead Foundation Grant Scheme':

- 1 x grant to a addiction clinic for £12,000

- 2 x grants to assist two veterans with rent arrears of £2,334.00

- 2 x grants to employability course fees of £1,000

- 1 x grant of brown and white goods of £900

A total of: £16,234.00 was awarded.

The following grants were given out via 'The Monaghan Fund' and were given out to athletes/other initiatives or sports teams:

- 1 x grant to Curzon Ashton Veterans Football Team of £400 (for football kits)

- 1 x grant to Happy Somedays Mental Health Football Team of £300 (being retracted)

- 1 x grant to Wythenshawe Rugby Club of £4000 (processed quarterly)

- 1 x grant to Pheniks Divison Veteran Boxing Classes of £300 (January 2022)

- 1 x grant for a player sponsorship to Tom Lloyd at Baguley Athletic FC for £150

The total amount granted by 'The Monaghan Fund' was: £5,150.00