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Spearheads Women's Wellness

Bringing young women together to get active, talk and be supportive of one another.


Womens Wellness.

Weekly get togethers in Manchester

As part of our expansion we have brought in a female activity programme which aims to get women particularly younger women together.

Starting in January 2023 and funded by the public they will be weekly 'Wellness Events' which will be an array of things such as pilates, coffee, walking groups and a general meet up. 

The main aim will be so women aren't alone, and to help women who may struggling seek support but also to create a wider community, to make friends and more importantly to have a natter or as it's been put 'a b*tch'.

These sessions will be starting in January 2022 at our new recovery centre in Salford but if you would like to know more then you can email the amazing Izzy on:

Womens Wellness: Get Involved
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