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The Spearhead Recovery Centre.

In 2021, we will be opening a training centre which will provide veterans with the skills and qualifications to start a fresh career in civilian street whilst having some fun.

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What is the Spearhead Recovery Centre:

The Spearhead Training Centre is a new concept training centre. It boasts some state of the art training rooms, from one to one classrooms to 22 person training rooms with a fully functional range to enable veterans to learn to deliver range days, airport bird strike courses and more, it hosts our racing team where service users can learn motor vehicle skills whilst racing with a abled bodied and disabled race team. The centre also boasts a 500sq ft gym which will pave way for healthier lifestyles and the chance for service users to become Personal Trainers and apply there trade whilst undergoing our mentoring programmes. 

They is also plenty of space for service users to break out and relax from the day to day struggles of life with users being urged to engage in our activities and activities with our partners.


Do you think you or your business can help?

If you feel that you, some of your friends, community clubs, sports clubs or businesses feel you can assist us in fundraising or to make a corporate donation then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you are interested as a business in having a veteran in your place of work to deliver a form of mental health workshop or resilience workshop which will raise vital funds for or our charity but also give your staff the ability to recognise mental health illnesses, and a understanding of resilience. We can offer from £500.00 per workshop (VAT included).

Just use our contact us page for booking.

Our Training Centre: News & Updates
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