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The Spearhead Foundation

At The Spearhead Foundation, we aim to create a clear headspace where no matter how messed up you feel and how much of a dark place you are in, You matter! Our organisations aim is to help those who need it by providing an array of community activities & wellness events to inspire a sense of belonging to those who want to recover. Across the year we have a ton of events and projects around all funded by public donations, those events range from beers and burgers to car rallies across Europe, to simple little hikes or grabbing a coffee together. Our less than corporate approach to helping people is a proven method of enjoyment and recovery. We welcome you to join our endeavours aimed at making the world a better place starting with one person & if you want to help or donate please see our donate or get involved page.

The Spearhead Foundation Mental Health and Armed Forces/Veterans Programmes are currently funded via public donations, and several grants from government organisations.

Our Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Programme is funded by Public Donations, Disaster Emergency Committee and the European Commission.

The foundation is a volunteering organisation which enables veterans, emergency workers and soldiers to continue service.

Any donations to The Spearhead Foundation are to be spent at the discretion of the foundations trustees unless agreed otherwise in a written contract. However that being said, no donated funds will go to the board or volunteers but will all be spent on equipment or activities which benefit our service users only.

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What We Do

Founded in 2018, The Spearhead Foundation partnered with other initiatives before flying the nest but regardless our message has always been the same. Which is our aim to pave the way to change the stigma around mental wellness and trauma. At the foundation we work with an array of people from soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to emergency services and to ordinary people who struggle with mental illnesses. We force recovery by providing a sense of belonging and motivation by helping them live a new and independent life. Our work is dedicated to delivering activities, social evenings and afternoons, volunteering opportunities all whilst offering support into the next step to live a new motivated and independent life where the service user is constantly striving to inspire and improve.

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How We Help

Paving the Way to a Better and Independent Life.


Social events.

Beers & Burgers, Coffee Mornings, Gaming Sessions, Walking clubs.


Resilience workshops

Creating a true understanding of resilience and motivation. Teaching skills to implement into your own life and business.

Trips Away.

Bringing people with similar backgrounds together, helping people gain that sense of achievement back through rallies, & endurance challenges.



Offering pathways into employability through training and qualifications with peer to peer support.

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"In a world so set on telling you how you should feel, act and look its nice for us to provide a place where nobody cares as long as you are happy".

Craig Monaghan

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Contact Us

For all mail, our head office is located at the address below:

The Spearhead Foundation

Manchester Heliport, City Airport ltd,

Liverpool Road,


M30 7RU.

Thanks for submitting!

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