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The important stuff for transparency...

Using the links below, you can see what we define as our important pages. From our full governing document to our grant scheme and impact report.

  1. Governing document which includes our objectives, safeguarding policy, financial policy and GDPR policy along with our asset and lease list.

Further down the page you will see our impact reports from 2021 and the latest report for 2022.

Governance/Policies/Impact: Accessibility Policy

Impact Reports

The end of 2022 brings the end of year impact report.

If you click the button below you will find our 2022 impact report. It boasts our achievements across the year both veteran and humanitarian achievements. It also has our annual accounts attached and these have been signed off and posted to be uploaded to companies house in line with CIC procedure. We can't control when they will be uploaded there as it is out of our hands.

Governance/Policies/Impact: Text
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