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Who We Are:

Founded in 2018, The Spearhead Foundation was made out of an idea that they weren't any 'cool clubs' around for men and women who had served in Iraq or Afghanistan. As the spearhead foundation grew we teamed up with other initiatives to provide a home but we continued to grow. Consistently we were always trying to pave the way to change the stigma around mental wellness and trauma. In 2021 we widened our reach from just working with soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to being able to provide a sense of belonging and recovery to the all veterans and members of specialist police/fire roles. Knowing that we have the tools, the method and public support we will be opening the doors to all those who suffer mental illness. Specifically Men and Women aged 21 to 35 who have found themselves due to social media, the pandemic, the daily pressures that they is no release, no way to be around like minded people without being judged. That is what we do we get people together, we get them on pathways and help them make friends with people who understand and in turn gives them live a new and independent life with our continued support.

Our work since we formed although as we prefer to call it, 'Our Calling'. Has received government recognition as an ever growing dedicated service which in 2020 and 2021, provided blue prints of hubs and assisted post operational care to several infantry units in The British Armed Forces. Where we continue to advise several regiments on aftercare and welfare to their current and former serving soldiers.

The Foundation, which when initially set up was set up with private funding from the founder Craig Monaghans 'Pax payout' from being wounded in Afghanistan is now funded by public donations and has also been subject to funding from The Armed Forces Covenant (as a joint bid with The Veterans Garage) and The Holroyd Foundation, Forever Manchester and in 2022, the sustaining afghan lives funding that Boris Johnson PM announced in August 2021.

As 2022 kicks well and truly in and we look at our feedback and data from 2021 we are fairly satisfied that we are surely becoming one of the more modern and functional services for the armed forces community within the country. We hope to emulate our success within the emergency services and young adults suffering with mental illness over the next few years.

In 2023, we will be from opening up the first and only recovery centre with our non-corporate approach in the North West. The recovery centre will be on hand to provide counselling to all, coffee clubs and stop in community centre with a games room. It will have a functional fitness centre, a motorsport wing where we will teach veterans with disabilities to build, race and be apart of something via Spearhead Motorsport. The million pound project will be a pilot to push across the country too low income communities in hope to provide a sense of belonging and opportunity to all.

In 2021, we also successfully launched our 'Grant Scheme' where we give communities who need support extra funding to achieve their goals, working with those communities to ensure that they engage and support all they wish to support in an effective but safe way.

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