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Spearheads Crisis Team

Our operational humanitarian team.

In 2020, when the world began to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic we set a small team of volunteers up. The volunteers were highly qualified and experienced veterans who came together to help the community. To assist in whatever way we could to make peoples lives that little easier. 

Since the formation of the team we have been very unfortunate to have numerous one in a life time events where the team has sadly had to come together too respond.

The team are all highly trained personnel with all members having qualifications in safeguarding, close protection, hostile environment experience and FREC/FPOS qualifications. 


COVID Pandemic 2020

Veterans delivering and keeping each other company

During the pandemic, we used our team to work with a local network to deliver items to those most vulnerable who weren't able to get out. We also used our time to create gaming events online and phone calls to tackle loneliness.

During the pandemic we delivered 4715 food parcels.

We provided 578 meals to local schools.

We made 2434 phone calls to isolated people who lived alone.

We delivered a whopping 12,989 meals to familes.


Afghanistan Withdrawal 2021

Veterans who served in Afghanistan helped those who were evacuated to Manchester.

In August 2021, the government announced the withdrawal of all British forces from Afghanistan. This sparked a huge evacuation mission of families following the Taliban taking over almost immediately. Some of these families were relocated to Manchester, with no clothes, no wash kits they arrived with just the clothes on their backs. It also created a huge mental health panic within the veteran community one where we reacted by using those who had served in Afghanistan to help those who'd escaped.

During the withdrawal we assisted 376 veterans receive help for mental illness.

We also got together clothing items, wash kits and other items where we were able to successfully hand these packages out to 138 families who relocated to Manchester.


Ukraine Invasion by Russia 2022

Emergency trauma kit to the frontline.

The more daring task we have undertaken. In march 2022 Russia decided to invade the Ukraine. Causing mass casualties, a surge of foreign fighters and every man in the country to be forced to bear arms against Russia. 

Equipment was short, is short. Frontline fighters were without body armour in some areas while majority were without basic life saving medical equipment such as tourniquets and field bandages. With thousands fleeing the country the borders were jam packed with 30km queues and aid being dumped at the checkpoints but non reaching the fighters who need it most.

The team pulled together and were successfully the first British aid foundation across the border, arriving in the Ukraine on the 3rd March. As of 15th May the foundation has provided over £17k in medical kit and have operated inside Ukraine for 23 days, providing support to EOD, the military and refugees. We have established aid positions and worked closely with the Georgian National Legion, Kyiv EOD police and the Harp group, serving in areas such as Bucha, Irpin and Odesa basing ourselves inside Kyiv for the duration of our time in the war.

For more information as we continue to support the Ukraines fight against Russia visit our allocated page.

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