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Spearhead Motorsport

Racing for Mental Health


In 2021 and 2022 we will be launching Spearhead Motorsport, an initiative aimed at tackling mental health problems in the community through racing. Using racing to bring people out of there shells, conquer new challenges and achieve goals set out by our motorsport team.

As part of the foundation, The motorsport department will be based in South Manchester, it will create a full team from those suffering with mental illnesses and by full team we mean exactly that. The team will build, maintain and race both the cars and motorbikes exclusively. We will be starting with a BMW 3 series and a Triumph bobber build, where we will then enter these into tours and rallies around the UK with the view to compete nationally and in Europe by 2023.


The Spearhead Foundation, prides itself on our military led and founded initiative where we have the knowledge from our own personal journeys to get help to the people who need it, and it is with that understanding we know that sport is such a power to the mind and teaching new skills while having fun is the ultimate recovery tool.

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