Spearhead Forces Programme

If you are a veteran, serving or in the emergency services this is the place to be in the North West.

Since 2018 in what started as a what's app group we as a foundation have ran weekly tasks for veterans to engage and be apart of in hope that it will give people that sense of belonging when they were apart of the armed forces.

We do this by running weekly funded programmes, by partnering with good initiatives who work hard to ensure that every person has a place where they can in theory purge, be at one and have fun whilst remembering there service.

On top of these sessions weekly we are able to offer exclusive access to Op Courage, NHS MVS and Combat Stress groups to ensure you are being clinically looked after. Now we know not everybody wants clinical and that's why every week at 'The Spearhead Foundation' we have several events open to veterans/serving/emergency services.

Starting with Monday, joined with The Veterans Garage we host a FREE breakfast club from 10am until 12pm. The postcode is: M30 7SA. Following this we have Bike Night, open to ALL in the bike world, it starts at 6:30pm until late. This is also at City Airport (Barton). 

Tuesday, we currently only host 1-2-1's on this day with our engagement officer. These are across the city. (for this email: Mike@rfngroup.co.uk)

Wednesday, from 11am we have activities running at 'The Veterans Farm' this is set within 300 acres and is our own 7 acres of untouched woodland and cottage. This runs until mid-afternoon and is located in Worsley. (for this email: welfare@rfngroup.co.uk)

Thursday, although the day is relatively quiet we have the stall wart event which helped found the foundation and is certainly an event like no other initiative in the area. Beers and Burgers, although no obligation to drink its free and is only open to those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan or both. (for this email: welfare@rfngroup.co.uk) It is currently held at M30 7SA and starts at 7pm until 9:30pm. 

Friday, is a more relaxed approach to peer to peer support. We meet at Worsley Green and grab a brew at The Horse Box by the bridge. We meet at 11am and this is open to ALL our service users. 

Saturday (Monthly) - Wythenshawe Breakfast Club, Held at the forum in civic centre this hub which is on 2nd Saturday of every month. This offers FREE breakfasts to veterans and their families.

We also hold monthly and annual events such as shotgun/clay pigeon shooting, Car Rallies across Europe such as to Chernobyl and London, Go-Karting and Track Days - Keep a eye on our social media for these.

- Monday 10am: Military Breakfast Club with VG.

- Monday 7pm: Bike Night.

- Wednesday 11am: Farm Retreats in Worsley.

- Thursday 7pm: Beers & Burgers for those who served in Iraq & Afghanistan.

- Friday 10am: Coffee with friends at The Horse Box

To join any of these activities please use our contact us page or email: info@rfngroup.co.uk


In 2021 we provided 7,215 hours of counselling sessions.

From December 2020 until December 2021 we provided military veterans with 7,215 counselling sessions.

Broken down this provided sessions for:

  • 151 veterans who served in 1991 to 2001. 

  • 130 veterans who served 2001 to present.

  • 38 veterans who served 1981 to 1991.

  • 4 veterans who served 1981 and earlier.